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Professional Santa serving South Eastern Pennsylvania,New Jersey and Delaware for over 25 years.

Your Santa Visit

Some Tips for a successful Santa Visit:

Before the party, give Santa some information that only you, the child, and Santa would know about. The child's age, favorite toy they would like or a recently happening.  

When you are having a larger party with a lot of children one of Santa's helper Elves is recommended, to help with the traffic and presentation or one of the adults at the party can be Santa's Helper for the night.  Contact us for information.

Make sure Santa has a contact phone number and a backup number for the party just in case of emergencies.
Make sure Santa has good directions to the party location and availability to parking areas near by.  Santa likes to walk in from a location that is out of the view of the party area a street a block or two away.

If your event is at a company facility, office building or hotel, try to make arrangements for Santa to park close to where the party is.  This makes it easier for Santa to arrive & depart.  

 Have everyone together, before Santa enters. The entrance is very magical, and we wouldn't want anyone to miss out.

If you would like Santa to bring presents for the children from you, please contact us in advance to make arrangements.

 Pick a good time for Santa to visit.  Certain times are not the best for a vist from the Jolly old Elf.  Some times that are not the best; nap time.  Meal and snack time also may not be the best for a photo.

Sometimes children are shy and often forget to ask Santa for something.  A fun activity is to make a letter to Santa listing some of the items they would like.

Santa Kringle also has a printable Santa letter for the children to enjoy.  contact us and we'll Email it to you.

A sturdy chair high back chair without arms is best for Santa to sit in. No lawn chairs please. Chair should be sturdy as Santa is not a little Elf.

If there is a balance or payment due to Santa please place it inside a Christmas card or envelope. It takes away from the magic of the night when someone is seen paying Santa money. So as Santa is departing, hand him the envelope and say, "This is for you and Mrs.Claus, and here is a Christmas card from all of us." 

As Santa departs, please distract the children. Having them look away from him as he departs. This gives Santa time to leave the building and parking area with out the Children seeing him. 

Home Visits
A great alternative to a mall visit.  Santa will visit your party, visit with all the children present and take all the photos time will allow.  Santa will end the visit with a reading of "Twas The Night Before Christmas".

Up to ten Children 1 hour
Up to 20 children 2 hour
For more than twenty children please contact.

Business or Corporate Events
You can have the Jolly Old Elf himself preside as the master of ceremonies for your store or corporate event, grand openings, special event or holiday promotion.
Santa will help make your party a memorable event any time of the Year Santa Kringle has A Summer suite as well as a Formal attire to suit your event.

Two hour minimum.  Please contact for more information.

Eight Tiny Reindeer Delivery Service
Eight Tiny Reindeer Delivery Service uses Santa Kringle as the courier for your special gift. Santa Kringle can make deliveries any time of the year anywhere in PA, NJ, DE, making every day feel like Christmas. 

Just think how much more special that new family pet will be when Santa himself delivers it.  The joy and surprise on your loved ones faces will be remembered for years to come. 

Do you want to make
 a marriage proposal a truly memorable moment she'll treasure forever?  Imagine about how surprised your girlfriend will be when the jolly old elf himself gives her the gift she's been waiting for.

Adding Santa Kringle will make any special occasion even more memorable. You can even add one of Santa's friends to make the day even better.

Santa Kringle will dress in a costume appropriate for the occasion.  You provide Santa Kringle with information about the recipient and Santa takes it from there. 
Contact Eight Tiny Reindeer today to make your special moment even more magical  

Christmas Wedding Service
 Are you getting married at Christmas ? Would you like the jolly old elf himself to marry you? Well if you live in Pa Santa Kringle can preform the ceremony and make your magical day even more so with Santa .

Please contact one of my Elves for a quote . Fees depend on type of event and travel .

Santa Videos
personalized videos for the children through Fivver these are not stock videos they are filmed live in KringleLand studios and customized to your child . The turn around time is about a week but it will be a memory to last a lifetime . Also not just for children want a message delivered to you business ? Employees ect . Santa Kringle will make any video to promote your business pending approval by Santa


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